The Nash Attack Podcast Season 2 Soft Launch…

Get into this season 2 soft launch! Don’t you love the new theme song? We’ve got a lot to catch up on. Let’s talk a little about life and then my favorite topic REALITY TV! Lindsay Lohan Beach Club, Ex on the Beach Season 2, and 4 different Real Housewives franchises (Beverly Hills, Atlanta, New Jersey, and New York).

Sooooooo here’s why we’re considering this a soft launch because…

A. I’m waiting on new, resized graphics to be able to submit to iTunes.

B. On March 14th, www.TheNashAttack.com will be an SSL certified secure website. You will start to see the “locked secure” symbol in your browser. Just an FYI cause I love you, be very very careful of any ” not secure” website (mine included). Thank you for your patience with me until I could afford the certification.

C. We have a NEW and legit schedule. The Nash Attack Podcast will release new episodes every Friday!!!! I can’t tell you exactly what time on Friday, but let’s just celebrate that we’ve finally locked down a day.

D. I need folks to call in and answer our community questions for the week! (see below)

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