Ep 202: Costco Obsession and Bulk Buying Tips, Social Media Pet Peeves And Fav Things

We’ve got more season 2 coming at you! We’re joined by Willy, the unofficial Costco expert, he’s got tips and tricks for buying in bulk. My BFF Ari B. stops by to talk about present day social media pet peeves and favorite things. We wrap things up with a moment in reality tv! It’s a big episode that you have 100% earned.

I’ll talk to you all next Friday!!!

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  1. Michele

    Happy 😃 -We’re getting a COSTCO in OKC in May 2019 … loved yours and Will’s tips, fave items, and methods on storage! Great podcast – great information! You guys are too cute~~~ Love you niece and nephew! Aunty M!

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