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Ep 211: COVID-19: My Life, My Stress, My Antibody Test

Chilllllllddddd it took a lot of positive self-talk to get this episode recorded through these rough times. The title speaks for itself and it should be speaking for itself to the tune of “My Neck, My Back.” Men Camouflage Pattern Face Mask – $2.00from: SHEIN Here’s where I went today… Victory Medical now offers 10-minute

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Ep 210: Love Is Blind – I Laughed, I Cried, I Cringed

I’ve spent the past 3 weeks watching Love is Blind and I definitely have some thoughts! Let’s dive deep into the madness of this beautiful disaster. I laughed, I cried, I cringed! As an old school reality television, I thought I’d seen it all. Apparently not. There’s spoilers ahead, beware!

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An Engagement Story, A Marriage Story, and Little Women ft. Ari B.

This episode is everything and MORE y’all! We’ve got the romantic engagement story from Ari B. that we’ve all been waiting for. We’re also talking about the much less glamorous relationship film A Marriage Story. Finally, you have to see Little Women. I’m sure you already know this! Listen for love, laughs, and good times!

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Ep 207: Fall in Love with The Repair Shop on Netflix and be Shocked by the RHONJ

Welcome to The Nash Attack 2020 y’all! In this episode we’re talking about my favorite new series from across the pond, The Repair Shop. I’m also here to give you a safe space to discuss the last episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey. That series is iconic and only getting better as time goes

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THE NASH ATTACK PODCAST: 4th Annual Holiday bonanza w/ Walter!

LISTEN HERE! One day I will link to the products mentioned in this podcast episode….

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The Nash Attack Podcast: Episode 205

Friends 25th in Vegas, Wynn Slots Drama,The Hills is back and fabulous, Summit How Could You!?

We are taking our Friends obsession to the next level in Vegas! There’s also some good in app drama happening that I want to tell you about. Do you care about the goings on of a random slots app? I hope so, cause we’re talking about it. There’s also some hot reality tv topics, The

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Vegas (FREE ROOMS Y’all), D-World, and 90 Day Freaks!!!

I disappeared and I am back!!! This is the COMEBACK episode! So many exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been breaking down, building up, working hard, and traveling around! I’m glad to be back. In this episode I talk all about Las Vegas and the kid’s version of Vegas…Disney World. We also get into the exceptionally delusional

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Yes, You Should Start Your Own Podcast! Also…Obscure MUST SEE movies ft. Wright and Eric!

There are far more boring people than you with a podcast. If you’re feeling the urge to start your own podcast, trust that instinct and GO FOR IT! I’m here for everyone launching their own podcast. Speaking of, 2 of my good podcast buddies Wright and Eric join me to talk about obscure movies that

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Ep 202: Costco Obsession and Bulk Buying Tips, Social Media Pet Peeves And Fav Things

We’ve got more season 2 coming at you! We’re joined by Willy, the unofficial Costco expert, he’s got tips and tricks for buying in bulk. My BFF Ari B. stops by to talk about present day social media pet peeves and favorite things. We wrap things up with a moment in reality tv! It’s a

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The Nash Attack Podcast Season 2 Soft Launch…

Get into this season 2 soft launch! Don’t you love the new theme song? We’ve got a lot to catch up on. Let’s talk a little about life and then my favorite topic REALITY TV! Lindsay Lohan Beach Club, Ex on the Beach Season 2, and 4 different Real Housewives franchises (Beverly Hills, Atlanta, New

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