Podcast Episodes From XMAS Past…

Starting in 2016 my bestie Walter and I launched our Annual XMAS Bonanza Epsiode! Each year it has gotten better and better with call-ins, stories, gift exchanges, and our favorite things from the year.

Check out our past holiday episodes and prepare your body for our 5th Xmas Bonanza! Check it out on Christmas day!

Last Christmas!

Check out the full page here:


Christmas 2018

Check out the full page here:


Christmas 2017

Check out the full page here


Christmas 2016

Check out the full page here:


Don’t forget to call in! You can answer 1 question or all of them.

  • How are you celebrating the holidays in light of Covid-19?
  • What are your “MUST WATCH” holiday movies or TV episodes?
  • What is your favorite holiday food? (Your old school fav vs recent obsessions)

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