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Ep 165: It’s Walter Wednesday and We Saw Britney Spears in Real Life!!

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Ep 153: The Real Housewives Mega Episode (Atlanta, Dallas, Jersey, and OC) Featuring Ari B.

This episode took all week long to put together. I said that I owed you guys a long one. Welcome to the Real Housewives MEGA episode. I watch the Real Housewives a ridiculous amount and have an absurd amount of opinions about these characters. I have lots of favorites, lots of issues with some aspects, and apparently a lot of free time on my hands with how much TV I watch. Real Housewives of Atlanta,…
The Nash Attack Episode 33

Ep 33: Ugh, the Gorilla Thing | Ugh, the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Thing | The Real Housewives of Dallas Have the Most Annoying Husbands | How to Go to The Movies for FREE! (w/ a surprise guest at the end)

In this episode we talk briefly about the current events of last weekend - the horrifying zoo incident and the backlash against Amber Heard. I also talk about how to see movies for free and there's more reality TV rambling. One of the Real Housewives' husbands got her put in jail and I still like him more than all of ┬áthe husbands on Real Housewives of Dallas. 50% off RX Sunglass Lenses Skincare Sale! Take…