The Nash Attack

The Nash Attack Podcast: Episode 205

Friends 25th in Vegas, Wynn Slots Drama,The Hills is back and fabulous, Summit How Could You!?


Vegas (FREE ROOMS Y’all), D-World, and 90 Day Freaks!!!

I disappeared and I am back!!! This is the COMEBACK episode! So many exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been breaking down, building up, working hard, and traveling around! I'm glad to be back. In this episode I talk all about Las Vegas and the kid's version of Vegas...Disney World. We also get into the exceptionally delusional world of 90 Day Fiancé. Bless that nonsense. Ignore that I keep calling the new Star Wars Galaxy Edge Park…

Yes, You Should Start Your Own Podcast! Also…Obscure MUST SEE movies ft. Wright and Eric!

There are far more boring people than you with a podcast. If you're feeling the urge to start your own podcast, trust that instinct and GO FOR IT! I'm here for everyone launching their own podcast. Speaking of, 2 of my good podcast buddies Wright and Eric join me to talk about obscure movies that you MUST SEE! I'll talk to you all next Friday!!!

Ep 202: Costco Obsession and Bulk Buying Tips, Social Media Pet Peeves And Fav Things

We've got more season 2 coming at you! We're joined by Willy, the unofficial Costco expert, he's got tips and tricks for buying in bulk. My BFF Ari B. stops by to talk about present day social media pet peeves and favorite things. We wrap things up with a moment in reality tv! It's a big episode that you have 100% earned. I'll talk to you all next Friday!!!

The Nash Attack Podcast Season 2 Soft Launch…

Get into this season 2 soft launch! Don't you love the new theme song? We've got a lot to catch up on. Let's talk a little about life and then my favorite topic REALITY TV! Lindsay Lohan Beach Club, Ex on the Beach Season 2, and 4 different Real Housewives franchises (Beverly Hills, Atlanta, New Jersey, and New York). Sooooooo here's why we're considering this a soft launch because... A. I'm waiting on new, resized…

3rd Annual Xmas Bonanza! Favorite Things, Call-Ins, Gift Exchanges and MORE!

Sit back, relax and let Nash and Walter get you all warm and fuzzy for the holidays. It's our annual tradition of champagne, live gift exchanges, and Oprah style favorite things listing... We're grateful to all of our friends who called in!!!! You have made it an extra special EXTRAVAGANZA! Below you will find all of our FAVORITE THINGS mentioned in the episode! This page contains affiliated links and if you click and purchase items…
The Nash Attack Podcast Episode 164

Ep 164: End of Year Pod SLAM! Scooters, Porch Pirates, All Stars 4, and Plenty of Other Things…

I need to prioritize the things that make me happiest, and that is my podcast fam. We're ending this year and season 1 with a BANG. I've got another rando episode for you to enjoy. Do you have the obnoxious electric scooters where you live? Well we have them in Austin and I could live without them. I'll tell you all about it. Let's also talk about these holiday porch pirates y'all. Have you had…

Ep 163: Ya Girl’s Got Time Today- Reality TV catch up, 20 by 2020, Instagram Reality, and MORE!

We have a lot to discuss! Did you see that intense episode of Below Deck? Do you believe that Jax on VPR has really changed? Do you have no clue what I'm talking about? That's okay. I have other things to talk about for people who don't care about reality tv. 20 by 2020, Wicked 15, Life Size 2. We're talking about lots of stuff y'all. Here is a link to that dank Reddit I…

Ep 162: Hey Therapy! You’re Lovely. Also, My Crazy Cat Story! (A Solo Ep)

Oh heeeey it's a solo episode. We haven't had an old school Nash rambling session in a long time. We're talking mental health, reality television, movies, and a crazy cat story. I've got a lot of info for my frands. Let's talk about getting my brain back on track. I had to step away and get my head meds together and get into counseling. I can't rave enough about Integral Care in Austin. Please, I cannot…