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Ep 153: The Real Housewives Mega Episode (Atlanta, Dallas, Jersey, and OC) Featuring Ari B.


Ep 152: It Can’t Possibly Be the Holiday Season Again

I am in a weird headspace but I'm getting some episodes done! I can't believe it's already the holiday season. I'm trying to find ways to cope, like planning ahead and advent calendars. Please let me know your advent calendar recommendations on social media, TAG YOUR GIRL! *Warning this podcast contains explicit language. Listener discretion is advised. (pic featuring recent Ipsy bags, click here to get yours.)   The Nash Attack Podcast is a self…
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Ep 151: Austin Gossip | You Have to Check Out Scared Famous!

Let me tell you a little bit of Austin gossip that I heard. We were allegedly getting an amazing new store and now we might not be, just listen. Also, you HAVE TO check out Scared Famous on VH1. It's phenomenal reality television. A modern day Surreal Life if you will with a backwoods horror vibe mixed in. YOU'RE GONNA LOVE IT! *Warning this podcast contains explicit language. Listener discretion is advised. I'm making magic…
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Ep 150: That’s Right 150! We Celebrate With Big News! | Also Gorillaz @ ACL 2017

My mouth finally works again. If you missed the wisdom tooth drama, I recommend you listen to episode 149. In this episode we celebrate our 150th podcast by catching up on what's going on in my life and some big news at the end. I don't have the energy to hide the big news from you so here it is. I am promising you guys 50 BRAND NEW EPISODES of the Nash Attack Podcast by…
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Ep 149: What That Mouf Do? A Wisdom Tooth Story

Real talk, I got my wisdom teeth taken out so let's keep it short. I don't know why I thought 30 was going to be so much easier, the wisdom teeth saga has proven otherwise. Thanks for listening and for dealing with my absence while I lay around and ice my face. *Warning this podcast contains explicit language. Listener discretion is advised. (pic featuring recent Ipsy bags, click here to get yours.)   The Nash…
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Ep 148: My Covet Fashion Addiction | Insecure Finale Thoughts

Thank you for joining me today! In this episode I do a quick wrap up about the Insecure Finale. Check out the Nash + Ari B. Episode from last week where we talk about our love for Insecure. Does the game Covet Fashion really need a podcast episode? 100% yes! I love it and I just want to rant about how awesome it is. As fun as it is, of course there is some drama!…
Nash + Ari

Nash + Ari B. Talk About Insecure (HBO)

Insecure is one of the best things to happen to HBO in years. In this episode of the Nash + Ari B. Podcast  we talk about how much we love everything about it. The characters are so well developed and every episode leaves us wanting more. Sunday is the season finale and we're both gonna be hella sad when it's over. *Warning this podcast contains explicit language. Listener discretion is advised. If you have been…

Ep 147: WHAT A WEEK! | Gas Shortage, GOT Finale, RHONY Finale, No Spent September

It's been quite a week and this podcast episode covers it all! We kinda sorta created our own gas shortage here in Austin. Oops. The Game of Throne finale happened and it's time to reflect on our feelings about it. Real Housewives of New York had their season finale this week and it was awesome. Lastly, I'm doing a No Spend Month!! It's No Spend September! YAY! *Warning this podcast contains explicit language. Listener discretion…
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Ep 146: Hurricane Harvey WTF? Featuring Xzavien (Houstonite)

In this very special episode of The Nash Attack Podcast, we are joined by my good pal, Xzavien. He is a Houston local who left town when he heard news that Hurricane Harvey was coming. In our own very Nash and Xzavien way, we talk about the impact of this disastrous storm and how you can help. Our thoughts are with everyone who has been affected by the storm. *Warning this podcast contains explicit language.…
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Ep 145: Hello Thirty… Birthday Episode! | Hosted by Ari B.

*This post contains affiliated links.  If you make a purchase from clicking one of these links I will be compensated. It's my 30th birthday!! At least it was when I originally recorded this... This very special birthday episode is hosted by the one and only Ari B.. I am on the other side of the mic being interviewed about my 30th. I thought I was fine with everything and then FREAKED OUT the day before.…